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You just came back from visiting your first grandchild and want her picture on every wall of your house. You dug out a box of old photos from the garage and see your parent's wedding picture is going to disintegrate if it's not preserved. Your collection of arrowheads is hidden in a drawer but you'd love to see it on the wall of your study. You've brought home colorful street art from your trip to Peru that would look great hanging next to your textiles from India.

Whatever you've got - from fine art to sentimental keepsakes - we can frame it for you.

Besides wanting the best possible presentation of your oil paintings, watercolors, pastels and line drawings, what do you have hidden away in old cardboard boxes that could be beautifully framed and displayed in your home? Here are just a few ideas: candid pictures and family portraits; baby shoes; christening gowns; children's artwork and keepsakes; certificates and awards; graduation photos and diplomas; pictures and mementos from engagements and weddings, anniversaries, retirement ceremonies; travel souvenirs; posters; maps; antique fabrics; collages; and collections of all kinds (for example - baseball cards, demitasse spoons, gemstones and minerals).

What goes into custom framing?

Half the framing process is in picking the right frame, which includes a number of design components:
  1. A good frame highlights the piece of artwork. At Framing Concepts Gallery we have what is probably the largest selection of framing materials in New Mexico. We carry over 4,000 frame samples, including natural woods, several lines of rustic distressed frames, rare reds, metal frames, contemporary and traditional styles. We have many gold and silver frames, and popular black ones. We have tiny frames, unusual frames, shadow box frames. In our computer database, we have access to over 19,000 mouldings for frames. It's no wonder that choosing the right frame is a decision that needs an expert eye!
  2. A good frame takes into account the colors, patterns and textures of the artwork.
  3. The area in which the artwork will be displayed must be considered.
  4. The fillets (smaller moulding used around the inside area of the frame) should integrate the larger frame with the matting.
  5. The right mat needs to be chosen: paper or fabric, color, and size. We carry over 1500 paper and fabric mats, in every shade of the color wheel.
You name it and we'll frame it.

Framing Concepts Gallery can create a unique and lasting presentation of your treasures, including Shadow Boxes for larger objects; hand-carved frames; etching on the glass; and hand-laid fabric liners and mats. Size doesn't matter. We have framed a huge photograph (4' x 7') of the lunar landing for the Albuquerque Museum as well as tiny miniatures. In Shadow Box Picture Frames, we have framed everything from pre-Columbian artifacts and primitive Australian masks to a collection of fishing flies.

Our specialty is Conservation Framing.
All artwork and photographs should be protected from environmental damage and aging. Preservation framing is done with proven modern technologies that formerly were available only for world-class collections and museums. Our experts can protect your artwork and old photographs, as well as your new and digital photos, preserving them for generations to come.

We use only conservation grade and acid-free materials surrounding the artwork. Older-style paper mats are made from pulp core and eventually develop "acid burn," where the interior of the mat and the background paper turn brown from the bleeding of the acid. The papers we use are made from 100% rag mats or lignin-free refined wood pulp matting and backing materials. Our mats will stay free of acid transference forever. We use ultra-violet blocking glass to protect artwork from fading in the sunlight.

Remember the general rule: if you are comfortable, so is your artwork. Don't hang or store artwork in extremely hot, cold or humid environments.

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