David Schwindt  

  " Sandia Showers"

36 X 60 oil

Giclee prints available in
9 X 15, 18 X 30, and 24 X 40
Original oil is sold


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David, one of our honored New Mexico artists, has been painting outdoor studies for his studio work since he purchased his first French easel in the mid-1970s. Although he was influenced in his early years by modern art movements, his art has gradually evolved into a form of representational landscape painting derivative of the Hudson River School and the American Luminists. His paintings reflect a personal vision based on his interaction with nature and his feelings for the environment. As he says, "I have always loved color and the diverse landscapes of the Southwest where I grew up& Light and color, and the rhythms of life in nature, become the subjects of my paintings and create, for me, a metaphor of the spirit."

David was accepted into the New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair in 1974, the same year he was selected to participate in the prestigious "Introductions '74" show at the Albuquerque Museum. In the past 25 years he has won many awards, including three first place awards in oil at the New Mexico State Fair. He has been invited to jury and judge local and national shows and enjoys teaching plein air painting. He presently resides in Tucson, Arizona, although one of his favorite subjects is still the Sandia Mountains.

Framing Concepts also carries a limited number of high quality fine art giclee prints on canvas (in a variety of sizes) of David Schwindt's original oils.

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